Donnerstag, 4. Februar 2016

Freitag, 25. September 2015

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Hi there,

it's been a long time since the last time I wrote something here. I just want to let you know that I am still busy as usual.
Actually I'm working on a few projects for friends. I am doing sound design for movies and for the first time ever I am doing sound for 3D Adventure Game. :-)

In between I am working on a new EP which is going to be released later this year again on Big Bricks Music. While waiting check out my last few EP's here and grab a free download or spend as much as you want for it. I would appreciate it. :-)

What else? I have an idea for my M.A. thesis. But this is still secret. ;-)

Have a nice day.



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Montag, 9. März 2015

Big Bricks Music is up and rising

Hello fellows,

Big Bricks Music was the absolute right decision.
We play more gigs then ever in our live and it's increasing.
It's fun, but also hard to manage. A lot of work still has to be done,
and it does not feel like it's going to be less.
I often come home and my feet hurt.
But it feels good, I get something done and I give something back.

My second EP was released last Friday. It's not as crazy and experimental as
the first one. But still progressive. Now it's up to me doing new tracks.
Never rest, keep on rolling. It feels like building an ark.

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Montag, 19. Januar 2015

2015 might be our year

Hello everybody :)

and welcome to the new year with Ben Haviour. I'll keep on blogging from time to time, as soon I get a little time gap.

Since my last post many things happened and a lot of decisions were done. As some of you already recognized I set up a music label with two friends of mine.
Sascha Mirtschin alias The Ambient Noise and Christian Rätzer alias Herzen joined me to get the organization done.

It's called Big Bricks Music! Here you can read anything about it:
And here we are at Facebook:

We got another 2 artists on boat: joe hawkim, who just released his first EP on Big Bricks Music,
and soundslikekathi, whose first EP will be release soon.

Oh... and of course I also released my first EP too. :) Have a look here:

AND! ... We are planning a tour. ;-)

Cities which are fix are:

  • Hamburg
  • Dresden
  • Chemnitz
  • Mittweida
  • Weimar

We are looking forward to see you there.



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Donnerstag, 28. August 2014

Again too late...

I came back from Iceland today. The nature and the people were really inspiring. I did swear to myself to keep the good mood, when I go back to Germany. But I find myself with a small feeling of distraction.

Since a few days, I have been watching interviews and videos about electronic artists, as always, to inspire me. Lately I discovered the Border Community around James Holden. And I got to know that their music has been quite similar to mine (see the youtube video aside).
Also in the technic and the creation of things. Which is fun to me. Because now I finally found the musical connection to somebody.

But then I saw the date they started being popular and I distract again.

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Montag, 24. März 2014

Short Pop Music


I know why popsongs are so short. Nobody wants to play the same riff over and over,
excpet you have to. #SteveReich

Donnerstag, 13. März 2014

Really finished

After 4 days and nights constantly working, my brain finally collapses. 

The next time when I prepare for an exhibition. I start earlier. I promise to myself. 

Sonntag, 26. Januar 2014

Things getting real

Watching, Buidling, Watching, ...

As I decided to build my own garden of trees. I had no idea how much things I got to know about electronics. The whole thing grows step by step. Today I just finished another experiment. I was confused about starting to work with electronics, but in the end it worked. Somehow. I got to thank many people, for helping me out with their knowledge, about electro-technical stuff.

My first idea was to control the branches with a stepperMotor, but the motors I found, were to weak to lift even the little ones. And also any organic visual programmed motion, could not work. To stabelize everything I used a metal-spring. The then just kicks in, for one step. And the branches begin to swing.

The next step then was to reduce the setup. Finally with the springs, I already have the organic movement. So I am trying to use Solenoids to pick the springs, like a guitar string.

Montag, 9. Dezember 2013

My own trees, synthetic nature, randomness in nature

Hello everybody,

it's been a while since I was writing here. But I am doing my exam. In mid March I should be called Bachelor of Fine Arts. So what I am doing?

I try to watch nature and bring it to live, at least in virtuality. I am watching movements in nature and what kind of force is put onto it.

However, here is a video of a early study:

But I don't want to go too deep into animation.

Interesting fact: there is a lot of noise in nature. Maybe everything is based on simple noise structures, but the eye don't catch. In programming, noise is a helpful fellow to make things look naturely.

Here's the patch:

HINT (!): Load up SC-Patch first, then run the PROCESSING patch !


import supercollider.*;
import oscP5.*;
import netP5.*;

Synth synth;

float x;

float wind = 0.0;
float increment = 0.01;
float offset = width/2;
float schwacherWind;

float wStandort;

float easing = 0.05;

void setup() {

  size(1000, 500, P3D);

  synth = new Synth("filterNoise2");

  synth.set("amp", 1);
  synth.set("freq", 0);
  synth.set("rate", 1);


void draw() {
  //HG malen
  //offset für Stamm
  offset = width/2;
  // noiseValue auf den Wind geben und auf die Fenstergröße skalieren
  float n = noise(wind)*width/7;
  // mit jedem Durchgang den Wind "erhöhen"
  wind += increment;

  //Wind ist am Stamm schwächer
  schwacherWind = n/4;
  //WindStärke ausdrucken
  println("Wind: "+wind);
  println("Schwach: "+schwacherWind);

  //Striche sind braun
  stroke(150, 50, 50);

  translate(0, 0, -500);

  translate(-250, 50, -200);

  translate(+300, 50, -300);
  fill(color(50, 150, 0, 25));
  ellipse(width/2, height, 2000, 350);


  wStandort = wStandort+=n/200;
  if (wStandort>=width) {
    wStandort = 0.0;
  //translate(wStandort, 200);
  Wolke(wStandort, 105);
  println("WST: "+wStandort);

  float targetX = wStandort;
  float dx = targetX - x;
  if (abs(dx) > 1) {
    x += dx * easing;


  //An WhiteNoise in SC schick
  synth.set("freq", map(n, 0, 20, 0, 700));
  synth.set("amp", map(n, 0, 20, 0., 0.5));

void Baum(float n) {
  line(width/2, height, offset+schwacherWind, (height-(height/3))-1);
  line(offset+schwacherWind, 2*(height/3), offset+n, height/3);
  fill(color(150, 50, 50, 50));
  ellipse(offset+n, height/3, 50, 50);

  line(offset+schwacherWind, 2*(height/3), (offset-30)+(n), height/2.5);
  fill(color(150, 50, 50, 50));
  ellipse((offset-30)+(n), height/2.5, 30, 30);

  line(offset+schwacherWind, 2*(height/3), (offset+30)+(n), height/2.3);
  fill(color(150, 50, 50, 50));
  ellipse((offset+30)+(n), height/2.3, 30, 30);

void Wolke(float bew, float yHoehe) {
  fill(color(255, 255, 255, 50));
  ellipse(bew, yHoehe, 65, 34);
  ellipse(bew+13, yHoehe-3, 45, 44);
  ellipse(bew+30, yHoehe, 40, 35);
  ellipse(bew+45, yHoehe, 20, 20);

void exit() {;


SynthDef(\filterNoise2, { arg amp = 1, freq = 0; var data, sig;
sig =;
data = (, freq, 0, 0, amp));, data ! 2);


Montag, 18. November 2013

Jeden Tag ein Track - every day a track

Vom 2. bis 17.November 2013 habe ich jeden Tag einen Track produziert. Dabei ging es nicht um die Perfektion oder um musikalische Empathie. Es ging lediglich darum, mir selbst (und, das war zwar nicht geplant, aber durch meine Aktivität auch anderen Musikschaffenden, Literaten, befreundeten Künstlern) zu beweisen das ich aktiv bin und mich selbst und andere dadurch motiviere am Ball zu bleiben.

Jeden Tag sich wenigstens eine Stunde Zeit zu nehmen, um seiner Passion neues Futterzu geben. Als ob man im Feuer neue Scheite nachlegt, bevor es ausgeht. Sich jeden Tag zu beweisen, dass man das schaffen kann, was man sich vorstellt. Egal ob es jetzt das Weltveränderte Kunstwerk aller Zeiten sein wird, was man ja sowieso nicht beeinflussen kann.

Nein, einfach nur um zu trainieren und somit Handwerklich fit zu bleiben.

Ich werde heute am 18. November 2013, diese Arbeit beenden. Mit dem Ziel, das nun generierte Material, aus der "Every day a track" Zeit und dem von davor, ein Album zu generieren.

Die Entwürfe in fertige Tracks umzusetzen und auszuarbeiten, was sich so manch einer schon von Anfang an gewünscht hätte.

Für die Arbeit an dem Album werde ich mir natürlich mehr als einen Tag zeit lassen. ;-)

Tatsache ist, dass durch die tägliche Arbeit mit meinem Vorhandenem Material und meinem Instrumentarium nun einige schöne und raffinierte Ideen zustande gekommen sind.

Wer sich zu einer Kritik hingezogen fühlt kann mir gerne schreiben.

Wie meine Soundcloud-Seite zeigt: