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Dear friends,

glad to see you again. Today I'm gonna show you one simple method how to bring your tracks to the stage with Ableton Live. It's very easy, all you need is a finished mix of one of your tracks. Then you can just follow along my step by step instructions. I am going to use a techno track (because I am mainly playing live techno sets), but I really can be any kind of genre. It doesn't matter.

Step 1: Export Stems From Your Mix
Go and open the mix you made (doesn't matter in which DAW you produced).
To export STEMS you need to figure out what kind of sound material belongs or fits together.
All Material that belong together can be bounce into on STEM.

E.g. when I bounce my STEMS, I look for material which is similar in spectral or pitch. Think of which "layers" of your music you want to have single control over.
And think about separating drums from instruments.  Keep rhythmical elements distinguished from string or pads (separate long from short de…

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